St. Killians Candle Overview

The St Killian Candle System is an innovative patented system that was specifically developed to create a safer, self-cleaning and environmentally friendly candle system.

The Self-Cleaning Inner Glass System ensures the glass stays clean and is ready to receive the next candle. The Patented Glass Configuration secures the candle, preventing tilting which can cause glass to shatter or plastic containers to ignite.

How it works

  • The St Killians candle is placed directly in the glass holder.
  • The wax liquifies as the candle burns, until it reaches the base of the glass.
  • When the flame extinguishes, any residual wax simply drops through into a collecting tray of water.
  • The wax hardens and is easily lifted out of the collecting tray
  • Nothing remains in the glass:
    • no candle remains as waste
    • the candles have no plastic or metal cup to remain behind
  • Self-Cleaning Inner Glass:
    • The heat of the candle ensures that the glass stays clean
    • When the wax drops, the glass is clean and ready to receive the next candle.
  • Patented Glass System for Safety – St. Killians candles feature a patented glass configuration comprised of two glass containers, one external and one internal. The internal glass dish secures the candle and prevents tilting, protecting the glass from the flame which can cause glass to shatter or plastic containers to ignite.

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